Adams’ Apple

Given the nature of this blog I should really be tackling what Mike Adams said about the Higgs Boson, but to be honest, with an idiot of that magnitude the ship has truly sailed, that man cannot be saved, not when he’s making money spouting nonsense and watching hundreds of people nod in unquestioned agreement all while ironically telling people to ‘think for themselves’.

Instead I will leave him to his crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights of being crazy, even though I don’t actually believe that he’s truly ‘crazy’, as I believe I discussed here before. What he is however, is wrong, and really when your website has ‘news’ in its title, isn’t being right kind of your duty?

What I can talk about in relation to his being wrong is that with all the talk of regulating the internet, surely ISPs should be blocking people from accessing sites with information that’s so wrong it’s dangerous, rather than instead blocking file sharing websites and pornography. I mean when was the last time porn told you to stop vaccinating your children and to ignore your cancer treatments in favour of doing some more exercise and eating the odd organic apple?

The answer to that one I think you’ll find… well I’d like to say never but I’ve heard many times that if it exists there’s a porn of it, and as much as I’d hate to see some Mike Adams double making love to a basket of organic fruit I’m sure that somewhere, someone’s made it, which leads to the unfortunate connotation that someone’s probably enjoying it out there, and enjoying it in ‘that way’.



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