Dry Streaks In Tempo

I haven’t written any songs in a while.

And that happens sometimes, you have to be sitting there when it clicks, otherwise you can fiddle with your strings for hours and get nothing, there’s a certain kind of magic that you just have to snatch at when it happens to be overhead, and I’m not talking about astrology, just in case you think somehow my current musical writers’ block made me swallow a boatload of woo.

But much like trying to ask somebody out on a date it’s hard to know when the right moment will arise, sometimes you have streaks of four or five songs being written per month, other times it takes half a year for you to strike the match again and get the musical fire burning. Not that my recent songs haven’t met the same standard, they have, they’ve just been pretty sparse in comparison to last years riffing marathon that was never matched before and has yet to be matched since.

I used to think it was certain moods that did it, but it doesn’t seem to work that way for me anymore, perhaps because I’m too comfortable with a guitar in my hand to let my discomfort become a couple twangs and a few na na nas.

It may be that as I write more for blogs and for that story I keep gushing about even though I’m only one hundred and fifty pages into it, I don’t have much energy left for the kind of engine needed to keep a songwriter running for the half an hour or so it takes to write a half decent three minute song.

Or it may be that I’m just going through a metaphorical dry streak at the moment and come September my newly callused fingers will be distracting me from my studying all over again!



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