For Bad Reason

I stumbled upon a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses magazines today, but I don’t want to beat a dead horse just yet. Besides, I feel it would be redundant to post a rebuttal to the falsehoods presented in those leaflets when there are people out there calling themselves rational and being just as stubborn with their beliefs, despite facts clearly not falling in their favor.

Sorry, I just had to watch youtube videos for an hour to cheer myself up. I really don’t understand how people can get behind someone who’s so obviously wrong and claim that it’s for rational reasons. It seems that, knowing that most of the conclusions they’ve come to have been rational that they’re trying to fill in a gap by assuming there’s a rational reason for it. The alternative scares me a little, the idea that people can genuinely think they’ve come to the conclusion that there shouldn’t be measures put in place to protect people (in this case women) from harm that has been known to take place at [insert event name here] based on logic and evidence really makes my head hurt and my gears grind.

Surely it can’t be that so many of these people are agreeing with this ridiculous dismissal because they admire someone and don’t want to disagree with them; their cries of ‘bad skeptic’ would then surely apply to themselves?

But I truly find it hard to process this dissent any other way, it just makes no sense to me. I think I understand the feeling of frustration when I’ve been told to ‘open my eyes’ now, except with this issue, the dangers are actually real, and everyone has a responsibility to do something about it, if they are in a position to. The fact that organisation(s) are being actively discouraged from protecting people from known problems by people who have clearly never known what it’s like to be on the other end of that harm is nothing short of disgusting.

Seriously, when female speakers are dismissed out of hand, given nicknames like ‘rape threat’ because they’ve been known to raise concerns about real problems and used as the archetype of ‘wrong’ despite how reasonable they’re being or what facts are on their side, I lose a giant proportion of my faith in humanity, specifically the area that can so easily ‘follow the leader’, despite how wrong their leader has been.

Please, someone, give me some good news.


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