On Modern Man

While I wait for my old phone to die so I can start using my new one I thought I’d once again say hello to the internet. I won’t ask it how its day is going, because to be honest this amalgamation of facebook statuses and porn probably doesn’t lead to a good time, especially when you’re living it every single day. I feel sorry for you sometimes internet, then I remember that you’re not a person and I feel better, keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep taking advantage of you to find some use for my fingers. There we go, now I’m contributing to the pornographic section of your mind, sorry about that.

I am somewhat concerned about the human population at all times and the fact that the two favorite subjects of internet users are friends and sex just fits the stereotype nicely enough for my pessimism about my species to appear to be justified, but perhaps that’s just because that’s my default position and in our minds, at least I assume (I know, never assume, make an ass out of me if you must) that in our minds, as preconceived notions, many stereotypes are the default answer to sects of humanity or humanity as a whole when we think about them/it.

As much as I’d like to say I ignore stereotypes, I’d be a fool to think anything but the fact that we’re all victims of this easy labeling of our fellow men and women, although something that I enjoy immensely is seeing people break the stereotype of whatever group they represent/appear to represent, there’s a certain social power about that that makes me smile inside, and occasionally on the outside too.


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