Top 5 Reasons To Destroy The World

It seems as if, once taking over the world has become too mediocre a threat for the hero to take care of, whether it be in Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, doctor who etc. the threat has to escalate to a point of ridiculousness, usually it’s something akin to destroying the world, but it can go as far as destroying time/reality itself – yes, doctor who gets a finger wag, not because it’s not great but because, as one of my fellow TS writers pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Russel T Davies was basically writing fan fiction the whole times. Sorry for all of you who think that being stuck in a traffic jam for hundreds of years because of giant space crabs is a legitimate science fiction story. It’s not, if anything it’s lack of imagination, which is strange because that was the series when the master came back and everyone went batshit over ‘blink’.

I’ve given this some thought however (the destroying the world thing, not fan fiction, that can stay far away from me) and have decided that there are only very few things that would explain the insatiable desire to destroy the world, and therefore cease all of existence. I should point out that in some stories the villain will be the only one left when the world is destroyed and it therefore goes back to the taking over the world thing, but a villain that wants to be in charge of a universe that consists of purely itself is ridiculous, and therefore they fit into my first possibility:

-Pure stupidity: not understanding the consequences of destroying everything around you due to reduced brain capacity/science illiteracy/having recently watched Superman Returns.

-Suicidal tendencies: the ‘if I’m going I’m taking you all with me’ approach.

-Strange religions: in which you get the best version of the afterlife if you destroy everything in the first life.

-Psychosis: at which point the villain has fallen into the Carnage-esque school of villains where mental conditions drive them to destroy for the sole purpose of destruction.

-Mental scarring: trying to erase Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ from existence by destroying existence. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Possible motive for Galactus?


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