First World Problems

Let’s do this before my computer decides to overheat again. Seriously the last two times I’ve left it to shut down apparently it’s gone into hibernation in the process. Really, how hard is it to get a PC to notice that it’s going to shut down within the minute and preemptively not cower in the corner complaining about how hot it is? But seriously, if anyone has any advice for failing laptop fans I’d greatly appreciate hearing it.

So while my girlfriend’s in Majorca putting me through training for when she leaves for university for four years, I thought I’d get a little bit more time to get some story done, play some video games and the other important things in life, like wearing the hat that she doesn’t like, or remembering that I have a skinny tie that doesn’t look too shabby. Overall however, perhaps I’m being taught that I should probably start saving up for train tickets for October and beyond. Curse you railways for being so expensive and curse you me for not passing my driving test the first three times!

Okay, my lap is now sufficiently on fire, I might as well see this through.

I really like laptops, I love how convenient they are to carry from place to place, but manufacturers try really hard to not let you upgrade them yourself. I know the industry’s foundation is people buying new computers, but if I could fix all the problems with my old one and make it just as good as a new model it would probably be worth it. Maybe I just don’t know enough about computers to be talking about this.

Also Siri’s not very good at insulting people over texts, it just ends up making up words that aren’t offensive and sending them instead, therefore leading to a much more humorous situation than I was intending in the first place. So I suppose the conclusion I’m drawing from this tiny paragraph is that Siri is funnier than I am.


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