Okay, no time for a long post today, so I’ll ignore the fact that my screen’s the filthiest I’ve ever seen it and soldier on with a quick post today. I know that most affairs soldiers are involved in don’t tend to be quick but I’ll try to break that pattern, although I suppose my lack of soldier…arity will probably help with that quite a bit.

I’m heading off to a funeral, so there’s not exactly a light heart to today’s activities, at least not in the humorous sense. In fact by the end of the day my heart will probably be so heavy it’ll throw me to the floor with its sheer mass and keep me tethered to one place like some sort of cardiovascular anchor.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away with that metaphor, but the concept of a heart that was actually heavy was just too juicy to resist. A light heart would be a different sort of affair, and if you had one filled with helium (ignoring the fact that it would therefore lack a lot of blood and probably kill you, I wonder how much of a spring that would put in your step (forgetting of course the fact that without a blood supply your legs wouldn’t be able to work)?


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