As The Smoke Lifts

Welcome back,

I’m having a bit of a moment here as I try and process what it must feel like to lose someone close to you in a senseless killing like the recent Dark Knight Rises premiere shooting and I think I might have just broken my brain. Sorry brain, but to really understand the horror of an event like this you need to try and look at it from an inside perspective and that hurts, a lot.

Having just lost someone I’m a little more prone to slipping into that mindset at the moment than usual so forgive me if I sound more melancholy than usual, because I really don’t want to try and make jokes about an event that was (as it appears so far) a completely senseless act that has only wrought mass grief as sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and the rest are lost because a single man snapped.

That man has been identified and arrested but that can never make up for the damage that he has done, it won’t fill the holes that he left in people’s hearts and more likely than not, nothing will.

Apparently, at least in the United States, this has sparked a debate about gun control, one that you can probably guess what side I’m on given my liberal leanings, residence in the United Kingdom and very strong opinions about anything that has the potential to wrench someone from this world and unwillingly on into the next. I don’t know whether it would be insensitive to talk about such an issue given that slaughter is not politics, and that these events are unpredictable enough that they shouldn’t necessarily be used to inform politics, so I won’t go too deeply into that, I’d rather send my condolences and wish you all a happy Sunday.

And if this puts you off the movie (which it shouldn’t), go see Amazing Spider-Man instead, because it’s awesome.


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