Since the Internet on my computer is down you may have to forgive me for a few errors in this post. I may love my new phone but I fear it was not designed with blogging in mind. Nevertheless, I shall rear it towards that purpose in the best ways I can think of, and, if technology shall serve me well, I will soldier on.

Now, I know by now you are probably sick of me not talking about the kind of things that I actually have the knowledge to make reasonable commentary on, but considering that I left the door open with yesterday’s post about me being somewhat hesitant about what I thought going into it, I want to say a few words about the dark knight rises.

I think I’ve forgiven Christopher Nolan for inception.

You may think that is a bold statement if you have yet to see the new batman flick or if you have been one of those people unfortunate enough to get the awesome experience out of it that I did. I would go on however, to deny that, it was a really bloody good movie, at least after the first twenty minutes to an hour had passed. Without giving too much away, wow, just when you think it’s a typical superhero movie everything hits warp speed and the film turns into the tangle wood of awesomeness that may have even beaten the avengers and the amazing spider-man for me; although in truth I cannot pick a favourite, and would furthermore insist that, despite falling within the same movie genre, those films are all too different beasts from each other to be compared.


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