Icon On Wheels

I return readers of this corner of the internet, the dark side of the republic, whatever you want to call it, it’s all just 0s and 1s anyway, I might as well just do this entire blog in binary and hope that my randomly selected string of those two numbers turns out to be something mildly coherent and not a message about gibberish and camel’s penises.

Hopefully once Stephen Hawking’s brain’s connected to the new chair people are desperately trying to figure out for him he’ll be able to manage much more than that, but seeing as he’s a genius and I have a brain the size of a peanut that’s hardly surprising. In fact, if I didn’t know better than to assume that such a pseudoscientific notion could hold any water I’d say that if anyone could force his brainwaves to be interpreted as speech it would be him. I mean, the man’s been fighting his own disabilities for years, he’s stared death in the face and given it the middle finger, the guy’s a walking (well, you know what I mean) legend.

I’d like to think if I had been in his position I would have done the same thing but I get the feeling that I would probably have given up hope, instead Stephen Hawking has proven that disabled people are capable of so much more than people assumed, and in some cases still assume. If I was confined to a wheelchair now, having him as a template, I think, would help me through so much.

Wait didn’t this blog post start with camel penises? How the hell did that morph into any form of sentiment?

Well it did me, so you, I mean I, can shut up.


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