I return to the land of the living, although my vigour has been severely crippled by the sweltering heat. It’s nice weather for a barbecue so naturally I tried to do one and didn’t quite manage to cook the chicken through the first time. I am no chef and I’m sure that’s no surprise to any of you.

I think at times like these that I should find some way to trap this heat and use it to power the electricity in my house. I assume that’s possible given the right equipment although I suppose that solar panels are probably more efficient and do a better job at getting some oomph from that giant ball of plasma floating in space so many, many, many miles away.

Oomph should be a real word. If anyone wants to bring that case towards whatever official board governs these things I’ll vouch for you.

Apparently the weather extremes going on around the world are increasing belief in climate change. I say good, it’s ridiculous that it took this long. It truly baffles me to think about how the media invented scandal that was climategate even happened. Why make a mountain out of a molehill when the price could be the earth?

It just seems a little silly is all, surely survival is the goal we should be working towards first.

It would seem that instead of the perpetuation of our planet some of us seem to place more importance on… gossip.


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