Keeping Up With The Hubbards

I hope that the cat sitting on my keyboard right now will help with the content of this blog rather than hinder it. I don’t doubt that he has good intentions, but it’s just a little difficult to think of something compelling to talk to you all about while a little carnivore is nuzzling my face. Perhaps I should just be grateful for his company and carry on.

I’d like to share an article with you today, one that I may or may not have stolen from reddit (and you can safely assume that I did), one that I thought was a nice mixture of thought provoking and sad face inducing, at least on my part. If everyone else reacted like I did to reading/watching/hearing sad things though the world would be a very different place… and we probably wouldn’t be so eager to send people off to war.

Take a look at the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard speaking about the cult that his predecessor so famously spawned. It shouldn’t be a surprise really that Jamie DeWolf is ashamed of that black spot in his family record, but for some reason I just didn’t expect it. Perhaps that’s because cults are so often family affairs, with new members becoming part of that family on many occasions. I suppose that a cult so emphatically wrapping its arms around money and celebrity would have to go a little farther beyond that however, and it just so happens that it has.

It’s disappointing really at the comments section, a place that always spawns some sort of horrific monster of a flame war but one that this time jumped straight into an attack on Christianity. Now, whether or not you think organised religion, or Christianity in particular is a good thing or not, it’s not incredibly relevant to the topic. Scientology is potentially dangerous and looks to be trying to establish itself as a mainstream religion.

And people should talk about that.

There are other places to talk about problems with other belief systems, but I believe that’s it’s important that everyone with the will lets Scientology know that they’re not afraid to talk about it, especially considering the cult’s reputation for silencing their critics.

When there are bullies of belief, when there are enemies of free journalism we should stand up tall and proclaim against them, not cower away and attack an organisation that’s safe to defame.


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