Being A Good Sport

How many of you saw the opening ceremony last night? I suppose for those who didn’t and didn’t pay attention I should probably be more specific and say that I’m talking about the Olympics. I don’t really follow sport (a fact which will hopefully not put people off hearing what I have to say from now on, I appreciate the good things it does, I’m just not terribly excited about it), but I really enjoyed the celebration of some of the awesomeness that has come out of Britain, especially in regards to its music and literature, which I’m sure most would agree with. I’m no patriot, hell, I didn’t choose to live in this country, but I did feel a sort of tingle of identification. Whether or not that means that I’m being courted by the idea of associating everyone else who lived on this island with my immediate family I hope not, but it was nice to see.

The giant ‘NHS’ sign was probably a huge kick in the teeth to David Cameron, Britain’s current Prime Minister, who has recently been making it his duty to take a massive shit on one of the best things about this country. Apparently free health care for everyone just doesn’t sit well with his millions of pounds. Sorry about that Dave, perhaps if everyone acted a little more like you everyone would just magically come up with the money to get better.

It truly was important though. I don’t know about everyone else but the NHS is absolutely my favourite thing about this country. Nobody, in my opinion, should have to pay for for having accidents, harm that other people caused them, or indeed harm that is self-inflicted. First, do no harm. It should be the duty of those in charge of countries, as far as I see it, to make human life a priority and put other issues second, or even further down the running order.

So says me.


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