The Archers

I actually watched some of the Olympics yesterday (an event that I don’t really think needs a capital letter, but if the WordPress Gods who can’t recognize their own domain name is spell check demand it), it may have been the archery but the fact that I actually enjoy it I think gives credence to the field, because I’m not a sports fan, and that was actually exciting. Congratulations archery, it may be because I’m a fantasy fan, but the whole bows and arrows thing appears to tickle my fancy, at least when it’s not being done by me trying desperate to tilt my wii remote and nunchuck to line up in its simulation.

I don’t know what it is about archery that makes it so much cooler than shooting but we could always just employ crossbows and get the best of both worlds if we want to argue over the merits of each side. Maybe I just lean towards more archaic weapons as a whole; I mean I’d probably give a couple of fingers to have a ceremonial sword in my living room.

Maybe I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know what he wants though, there’s always that possibility; I of all people should have learned by now to never exclude the possibility that I’m wrong first before I start talking about the merits of looking medieval with your shooting techniques. Also in the book I’m writing there are no bows and plenty of guns… perhaps I should do something about that.

It’s also really refreshing to see Olympians that aren’t as lean as a pork loin. If it wasn’t for the inherent problems with having overweight athletes I’d promote more sports that let their players hang a belly over their trousers. As a bellied man myself I salute them with a sad look in the mirror and the need to go to the gym tomorrow to try and get back in shape.


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