Leftie Multicultural Crap

There’s been a lot of shit floating around the internet recently (what a surprise I hear you say), and I don’t really want to add to any of it (although the case could be argued that I add about three hundred words worth of shit to the internet every day with this blog) except to make a comment on the whole Daily Mail/Aidan Burnley/Olympic opening ceremony/racism thing.

Yeah, it’s not a pleasant topic, but when the Daily Mail sets out to defend something you know it’s going to be pretty disgusting.

For those who don’t know, Conservative party back-bencher Aidan Burnley released a heartfelt tweet about the Olympic opening ceremony. Glad that the athletes were all now displayed, he commented that we could now abandon this ‘leftie multicultural crap’.

At the bloody Olympics.

Multicultural crap.

Really this is insulting the left-wing racists.

But seriously, it’s like the man doesn’t know what event he’s talking about. The world is coming together for this event, if he wanted to see something that wasn’t multicultural he couldn’t even move to Nazi Germany to find it because they hosted an Olympics too. And guess what, despite the terrifying politics and propaganda going around at the time, it was surprisingly multicultural.

I’ve bashed on the Conservatives enough however, they’re not all arseholes… probably… and I suppose the Daily Mail’s been bashed on enough to have died from grievous bodily harm by now, but something really has to be said for a newspaper that can start an article by saying that the NHS is a bad thing and then going knee deep into outright racism, proclaiming that mixed race families are not representative of modern Britain and that black people had no place being in the opening ceremony.


I suppose if the writer of that article went down to East London he’d probably get a bit of a shock.


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