Sick Seals

Student finance is making it incredibly difficult for me to sort out my upcoming financial situation right now, so I’m going to cool off over here. Sit down there by the pool, do you want a drink? I’m sorry, we haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.

Don’t worry I’m not going to quote outdated songs for the rest of this post as well, I just couldn’t help but be a little cheesy.

I’d be aware of the nearby virology around you by the way, because apparently seal flu is coming, and as we should all have grasped by now, seals are much cuter than birds and pigs combined. Perhaps their influenza will be equally as adorable, but I doubt it. Elephant seal’s don’t quite have the same squee factor but there’s always one in every order that gets weird looks. In the case of primates that one is probably our species, we’re just uglier monkeys.

HN38 (as catchy a name as ever) as it is known, previously was known to infect birds, and this jump is a pretty impressive feat for a semi-alive particle-life form-ish-thing.

Apparently it can also target a protein in the human respiratory tract, so yeah, be careful not to hang around with seals too much, and if one starts coughing, run for the hills. In fact, once you’ve run for the hills you should probably hide in some sort of underground bunker for a few months so you don’t infect the rest of us. I’ll send you food, but you’ll have to deal with the waste problem, sorry about that.

I don’t imagine that most of you deal a lot with seals, but even so, once the jump has been made we know there’s a potential for it to happen again, even if the first mutants are contained. Although unless there’s a distinct evolutionary pressure for it to go again, we’re working on chance figures here.


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