Moon Flags, Flags On The Moon

My usual sources are refusing to load on my computer. Hrmm… looks like you’ve just got my brain to contend with here. Well, let’s see how well you cope with its questionable thoughts.

Here’s one for everyone who looks up at night, the flags the Apollo astronauts planted (all besides that from the Apollo 11 mission, as far as I can tell, which was apparently knocked over by the engine exhaust as the crew left the moon to return to our pale blue dot) are still standing. So for those of you who are looking forward to a long vacation on the moon, make sure to go over and stop by, because that’s a pretty amazing thing to know and it would probably be an even more amazing thing to see up close.

Scientists figured this out from shadows on the moon’s surface seen from the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO for short, of course). These shadows are the result of the flags blocking the sun from hitting the moon’s surface (not that I need to remind anyone of how a shadow is formed) and to me they represent something about the awesomeness of the human spirit that just doesn’t capture the attention of the world as hard when there aren’t actually people going to other celestial bodies.

So can we go to Mars soon? Please?

If I had the money I would pay for it myself, I’m just saying, we could sell all our nuclear weapons to North Korea and go to Mars with the money!

Okay, maybe that’s not the best plan in the world but at least it’s something. We’ve got to get the money from somewhere right?

Okay, I’ve got a better solution, how about every American votes for Mitt Romney on the condition that he pays back all of his tax returns directly into a Mars mission? Mitt, I really don’t like you, but if this can get us to Mars I swear I’ll try and put aside our differences and I will shake your tax-dodging, Mormon hand.


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