Confectionery: Now With Extra Mostly Water

So, for those of you who want to take snake oil there may be a new way for you to get your hands on unlicensed products without having to have ‘that’ chat about how there’s no evidence for homeopathy.

That’s right, with the new unbannable homeopathy, you can buy your bogus medical ailments as confectionery, eliminating any need to back up the efficacy of your chosen genre of bollocks, and protecting your right to not have your snake oil regulated into submission by the government for not having any benefits at all!

Our new homeopathy branding, coming in 2025 will also silence critics by declaring that an argument against homepahty is an argument against chocolate, but we’re working on that. Being in the confectionery side of things has a lot of benefits you see?

So next time you’re feeling ill and you don’t feel like you can stomach anything stronger than a placebo, remember, don’t check the pharmacy, check your local sweet shop; we’re in between the sherbet lemons and the chocolate fudge.


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