Delicious Medicine!

Before I reinstall battle for middle earth on my PC in anticipation of a break from blogging… it’s blog time!

Thinking back to my post the other day about homeopathy being reclassified as confectionery struck a thought that comes up over and over again when the issue of something ‘paranormal’ or ‘alternative’ comes up, and one that is usually unanswerable unless you somehow have worked out how to live inside other peoples’ minds and read their thoughts while you chillax in a sun lounger with some neuronal martinis, electric, not hormonal.

How can you tell whether someone’s lying or whether they believe?

In this case, I can’t see how anyone who truly believes in homeopathy would not be offended by a reclassification of this kind. Sure, it means that they can take the medication they want in a way that goes unscrutinized by mainstream medicine and its allies, but it undervalues its appreciation as (what they actually believe it to be) a subcategory of medicine. Which, for the record, it isn’t. That’s not the point however; as much as I’m sure that there are some believers that think this is a good move, it just doesn’t make sense to me that they can think that way and still believe in it.

If someone tried to reclass, say, vaccines as confectionery (leaving out of course the fact that sweets aren’t usually injected into you and actually taste nice) I, and the majority of people (I hope) would be outraged.

I wouldn’t answer to this abuse of classification power by declaring ‘yes, vaccines should be classified as medicine, but I’ll be damned if I don’t admit that they’re tasty!’


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