Attempt Number Four

Yes, it is that time.

I’ve got another driving test coming up on Thursday, my fourth to be exact, and what a horrible feeling it is knowing what happened the last three times putting myself to the test once again.

It seems to me that the more I fail, the less confident I feel going into it.

That’s not to say I do worse, the last one I did was my best one so far, but obviously there’s a certain amount of disdain that comes from doing something for the fourth time, especially when I know that I have the potential to pass. It’s sort of like continually getting a U on an exam that you thought you knew all of the answers to… except not, because when you do exams there aren’t other people you have to look out for.

That might explain why I do better in exams.

Not that I’d be able to afford a car if I passed anyway, that’s a couple of thousand pounds out of my budget, and even then I’d have to get used to motorways in training pants before I could get the maximum use out of it.

But still, passing would be nice, and that’s about as much as I’m going to think about the outcome right now.

My attitude has always been to expect the worst, anything better than that then is a nice surprise, however, in the heat of the moment it’s hard to keep that going, especially if you know you’ve made it through the first nineteen twentieths of the test with only three minors.

Ah, to be flawless, life would be so easy and I’d have a book out by now.

Life’s never as simple as that, and in a way I’m glad of that otherwise I wouldn’t have the outlook that usually works for me. I occasionally like a challenge, but when it’s costing my parents eighty quid a go, not including lessons… I’d like the challenge to be done.


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