Be Your Own Good Example

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, those are too many As there but what are you going to do, sometimes more is better. Count yourself lucky there wasn’t a multitude of question marks there too.

There’s a lot of hate flying around the internet at the moment, and I suppose as long as people can forget that there are actually other people on the next screen there always will be, and given that, with the Olympics and all, real life has taken a very proud, joyous tone, my mind’s complaining about having to process such a distinct dichotomy at the moment.

In regards to the Olympics I’ve said a lot, and to be honest, in regards to the spread of online sexism, despite all I’ve said about it, I fear I haven’t said enough, because no matter how much I talk about it I still fail to understand how people can be so cruel towards fifty percent of the population.

Some may forget that, indeed, women make up a very significant proportion of the human population. That’s right, they’re people too, so, being considerate for their safety, for example, should be considered anything but a controversial principle, in fact there should be no question that such a practice is a no-brainer, no matter what community it arises in, or whether or not it’s part of a problem with the world at large.

If you truly believe in your cause you shouldn’t be content to let the greater problems of society seep in and do their damage, you should want to fight to make the world see that your community is better than that. I fail to conjure even a tiny amount of respect for people who don’t want to see, in a cause that is supposedly very important to them, a purer, safer environment, a segment of the population with a nicer environment than the world as a whole.

Think about it.


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