Write Faster Plx

Alright then, I just finished reading A Dance With Dragons (the latest chapter in A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R R Martin (the source material for the awesome, jizz-inducing, wacky grin inspiring series Game Of Thrones on HBO)) and I think I’m going to have to now come out as an addict. If my girlfriend wasn’t at this moment half way through the first book I would have picked it up again and once again read the series all the way through straight away.

I’ll sound like just the sort of obsessive annoying fanboy that GRRM is probably sick of by now if I make an open letter to him asking him to please write the last two books faster, but really I think I’m going to struggle with the waiting periods.

There are a couple of sample chapters floating around from the next one coming up, and the guy’s hard at work I’m sure, and I know that in my experience I can only manage a maximum of about 300 pages a year but I’m not a professional and therefore I’m allowed to fling my ignorance everywhere and wonder why the guy hasn’t yet released the final chapters of his amazing series in an amount of time that it’s impossible to write so much in unless your name is Stephen King.

I confess that I would like to, but I will not… I’ll just heavily hint at it and make the title of this blog post imply that the nagging at a hard working author is in fact exactly what I intended to do with today’s blog.


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