Kentucky’s Dance With Dragons

So the creationist museum down in good old KY (that’s Kentucky, USA by the way) has decided that, in line with their beliefs about how the old testament is an exact account of earth’s history, that they will present to their visitors a historically accurate *drum roll please* fire-breathing dragon.

Is it obvious that I heard of this from pharyngula first?

Look, believe what you like but surely you’re only going to put people off when you insist that dragon’s really did exist, not that I wouldn’t love for it to be true, but you know, even the most tenuous link between dragons and dinosaurs misses out the bit the creation museum’s most interested in. You know, the whole breathing fire thing, that’s kind of biologically impossible.

In theory I suppose it could happen under very weird circumstances but I can’t imagine that such an organism would last a very long time, because as we all know, fire doesn’t agree with our cells. In addition a flame retardant would be a pretty amazing thing to have evolved, don’t you think?

Apparently these creatures lived after the ark as well, which just makes the case for them more ridiculous. What would God possibly want to destroy such awesome creatures for after they already survived the ark attack from above?

Did he murder the direwolves as well? The giants? The wights?

If this was true I’d take this as evidence that God hates awesome things, as evidenced by the fact that Justin Bieber has been continually allowed to exist while Jimi Hendrix resides somewhere between the third and fourth layer of hell.


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