Being Brave

Sorry this post is going up so late but I’ve been far too busy entertaining myself in various venues to remember that I still had one more duty left to carry out today. Forgive me and let me talk about Brave, the new Pixar movie that’s no longer new in the USA but has only just come out in the UK making it new for me. Do you understand? The movie’s positively new! New, shiny and allowing myself to issue a proud spoiler warning just in case I divulge into the details a little too much.

So yeah, possible spoilers ahead people.

If you hadn’t guessed yet, I saw Brave today.

Oh really Eddy?

Yes really Eddy you condescending son of a gun. And although it didn’t quite reach up to the bar set by Up and Toy Story 3, I enjoyed it. I thought it was well written, the animation was gorgeous and the messages were awesome.

I was a little freaked out when the main plot initially kicked in, probably because this movie did what I’d love all films to do and didn’t actually give away the plot in the trailer. I had no idea what was going to happen until I was in the cinema, and that was pretty refreshing even if it involved a transformation that really made me feel sad for the character in question. My empathy however, might have been helped by the fact that I watched Age Of Steel a couple of hours before.

The origin of the curse the movie revolves around was one of my favourite parts of the film; I loved how they tied everything together nicely without being too in your face about it.

Here’s your mission now filmmakers; make the promotional material for your work exciting enough for me to want to watch it but vague enough that I’m genuinely surprised by the film. Cheers.


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