Griffin’s Roost

I couldn’t find a written news article for this (granted I didn’t look for more than half an hour, but I don’t usually do a whole lot of research for these short ones) but I saw on the news last night that, down in Leicester, a city famous for its large Asian population, there’s been a huge outcry because an Islamic group wants to make a permanent base at an ex-scout hut, a place that housed them previously before it closed (a fact that the protesters seem to be ignoring, or at least conveniently shoving aside).

And as if I wasn’t already convinced that these people were nothing more than bigots, Nick Griffin was protesting with them.

Yes, that’s right, Nick Griffin, now supposedly undead, of the BNP (British National Party, who ironically use for their slogan ‘love Britain’) was there, spearheading the cause of bigotry.

I think at this point there’s no doubt that the BNP is unashamedly racist, it’s ridiculous to try and deny it, and when Nick Griffin himself went on Question Time to try and give his party some political air, it surely became clear to any that thought that they were just passionate about disliking Muslims.

And here I was thinking that they had gone underground. Nick Griffin was voted out last election and his party lost the majority of the support that they got (although they announced when we lacked a majority that they would join up with the tories if they were asked), and thanks to tireless activists such as those on ‘Hope Not Hate’ their influence was severely quashed.

I suppose bigotry never goes away, but one of the best things about Britain is its embracing of multiple cultures and the plasticity with which it adapts to them. What would we possibly gain by kicking out everyone that isn’t white? Nothing, that’s what.


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