After The Results

Good late afternoon internetica, or whatever you’re calling yourself these days. I’m here to talk to you again so for all intents and purposes you might as well be called ‘darkness my old friend’. If you got that reference this is probably where you belong.

For people doing A levels it’s results day tomorrow, a day that gives me awful flashbacks to those days when I slept all day and didn’t realise that I was wasting my education by being a lazy, unlikable, unrelatable, antisocial prick. Seriously, times seemed good to me then but they really weren’t. Also I hadn’t really started doing this blog or writing novels so I was missing out on what is now one of the happiest parts of my life.

Writing’s helped me out in the same way that songwriting helped me out years ago when I was in a weird place inside. It’s therapy to me, it keeps me sane and it gives me goals to aim for, as well as letting me vent and receive the illusion that other people actually give a shit about what I have to say from Superman Returns to dangerous super-quacks like Greg Braden and Vianna Stibal.

But I made that on my own, and what the borderline between A levels and university does to a lot of people is make them feel like they won’t have a future without going to university, and that’s a load of old bull.

The way that college stresses how much university defines the rest of your life was partially why I didn’t like it there so much. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do if I did go. I’d forgotten why I loved science so much, I didn’t want to do music tech because I didn’t think the course would get me to where I wanted to go in that industry and at one point I had settled on creative writing, but that was after I had started my year off, a year that showed me how much I wanted to go to university, to study science, to write, and not just to wish upon a record contract floating by for a band that split up two or three months into the year out.

As fun as the creative writing course might have been, I really enjoy studying science, and in the end, I wanted to do something that little Eddy (me from the past, not some undesignated sperm) would be proud of, and I think I’m on my way, if I can be so bold.


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