Meanwhile, In Scotland…

This is something people in Britain seem to expect a lot more form Americans, due to the USA’s infamy in recent years in terms of hyper-religiosity leading to the kind of discrimination that builds so many straw men for those who would rather paint all Christians with the same brush rather than bother to come to some sort of reasonable opinion on what is still a large proportion of the human population. I realise I have yet to even make my point, so I’ll get to it. The Scottish cardinal (Catholic church representative for the country) as well as the church of Scotland are refusing to discuss gay marriage with the Scottish parliament (who are trying to get it legalized (for those of you who don’t know in Britain we have ‘civil partnerships’ which are basically marriages without the name marriage, so you’d think that minor legislative tweak would be an easy thing for people to accept right? Well when is anything that simple when you’re dealing with bigots, and bigots with power no less?).

The cardinal is claiming at this point that there’s no point even getting involved in the discussion because he keeps getting ignored. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, when even a conservative leader like UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants to get gay marriage legalized it’s truly amazing how backwards some people’s opinions still prove to be.

The thing is, in this increasing secular society I’m not surprised that the adamantly religious are still desperately clinging onto some of the aspects of their faith that are next in line to be dismissed as open to interpretation, I really do. It’s easy to see non-religion as a threat when you believe that religion is the way to eternal life, I totally get that, I’ve been there.

What I don’t get however, is how this cardinal can sit there and basically tell the world that Scottish people who identify as both gay and Catholic don’t have the same rights as other Catholics. Is he in denial of the fact that there are gay Catholics? I don’t think so, but it’s easy to fall into that train of thought.

The most perplexing thing about this ‘debate’ however, is the fact that the messages that Christianity’s supposed to be all about, the love your neighbors, the turn the other cheeks, are completely ignored and replaced by a veil of bigotry and inequality that goes against everything this cardinal’s supposed to be preaching about.

Does he admit to being a hypocrite? I doubt that too, but I bloody hope that he can see it. Next he’ll be saying that women can’t be priests.


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