Gluten Jesus

I don’t mean to harp on about the Catholic church because besides from the really big controversy I tend to let their problems slide. They get a lot of shit and I don’t generally need to add to the argument, but I was talking with my fellow Teen Skepchick writers last night about a recent happening in Columbus where a young girl with celiac disease needed gluten-free hosts (body of Christ).

This seems like a reasonable thing to ask for, but apparently her diocese decided that because Jesus at bread that contained wheat that gluten-free hosts should be banned.

Does this sound like bullying to you, because I can’t think of a more appropriate word for it.

To be fair to them (as far as you can) they did allow low-gluten hosts but she thought they tasted awful.

Even with that aside however, surely the spiritual transfer of the soul of our Lord is not restricted by the amount of wheat you have in an object, but about whether it is blessed and part of the transubstantiation sacrament?

Or do I not understand my old religion as well as I thought I did?


One response to “Gluten Jesus

  1. As a Catholic for 44 years, my wife was diagnosed with Celiac. We too soon realized that the argument of how much wheat has to be in the host (according to the Vatican and a group of nuns who did scientific research…yes I said nuns doing science) is irrelevant. Christ is transforming to the bread, but the bread is being transubstantiated into Christ. So, wouldn’t all the elements of the bread be removed? As I researched this further, I learned that understanding that Jesus was first a Jew, the significance of using the metaphor of bread came from that background. So in John 6, “Unless you eat of this bread and drink of this wine, you shall not have life within you” and Christ saying he is the Bread of Life, means that you can live with out bread or water/wine just as you cannot spiritually live without a relationship with Christ. And if you haven’t received Christ as your savior, you are dead to him. However, if you call on him and repent, he will never turn a deaf ear. There are tons of other things I’ve learned about the Catholic church that are false teachings. Especially this one of the Eucharist. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was our salvation. We are saved by faith alone. Works (aka liturgy/mass) is largely unbiblical. The last supper was not an indication that we receive Christ as our salvation by communion. Its by faith alone. In the Mass they are re-sacrificing Christ. The sacrifice was only needed one time, and that is why Jesus said as he took his last breath, “it is finished.”

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