Dying Is A Right

For those of you who’ve been following the recent assisted suicide case over here in the Uk…

Tony Nicklinson, who went to court pleading for the right for assisted suicide without the aiding parties being charged for murder was denied that right, basically because the court didn’t think it was their place to make such a big decision (cases giving legal precedent and all that).

This was a stupid decision, I will say that up front. I have no idea how anyone can justify leaving Nicklinson with the only option available to him in his condition.

Nicklinson, who suffered a debilitating stroke that left him unable to move the large majority of his body, and who described his life after being paralysed from the neck-down as a ‘living nightmare’, could not commit suicide in a way that would be as quick and painless as it should have been allowed to be. So, in lieu of having someone else charged for murder for giving him the death that he needed, he starved himself to death.

Should this not give the courts and parliament a little food for thought?

This was a horrible way to go out. It was slow, it was painful and it was the only option left available to him.

This needs to change.

It’s ridiculous that because someone is physically unable to commit suicide they can’t get the help they need to perform it like other people can. Is that not a form of discrimination?

Disabled people should have the same rights as the rest of the population, and if they are unable to do something because of physical restrictions, well, is it not our duty to provide them with the necessary means to be able to perform that task?

The courts refused to change an outdated, ridiculous verdict, and backed Nicklinson into a corner from which the only way out was through self-torture.

And I thought courts were supposed to be about justice?


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