Fossil Time!

I realise that posting these at nine AM isn’t going to do me any favours but screw it, there’s a slot in my schedule and I’ll be damned if I don’t grab it with both hands and take it.

Okay, maybe it’s ten AM now but I think that my point still stands, if one was ever made that is.

I’m going to the natural history museum today. The one in London, not New York, that one’s the museum of natural history and I can’t afford to go there. Hopefully one day I will, I want to stars at the dinosaurs and the blue whale model and maybe run into Neil Tyson.

We can all have dreams I suppose.

Time to wait in the always oversized queue for the dinosaurs section, hopefully we’ll get in this year. Going to the nhm was one of the defining experiences of my childhood, one of those things that really fuelled my obsessions and made me drool with glee. This happened again in London when my brother got Pokemon blue. Those however, are two completely unrelated incidents, besides the London thing I mean.

Who knows whether I’ll actually get to do the courses offered there that I’m currently eyeing up? All I know is that I adore the place.


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