What I Learned This Week

Hello internet!

I’m aware it’s been a while and that’s because I’ve been in a different country and closed off from the internet. As a result I had a couple of problems orienting myself without google maps and figuring out where exactly the border between France and Belgium is crossed aboard the Eurostar.

You’d think they’d tell you that sort of thing wouldn’t you? They didn’t. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

And while I may not have been able to outsource my knowledge from the internet (should that be insource?) I did learn a couple of things on holiday this year.

1. Gymp is a shop for kids.

2. Slagroom is Flemish for whipped cream.

3. No matter how interesting an exhibition is, there will always be one kid refusing to enjoy it because their Dad’s trying too hard to get them into it.

4. No matter how many times a toilet seat breaks, the hotel staff will never notice it.

5. The information guy at the Eurostar counter in Brussels didn’t understand that having just come from London, I don’t want to immediately go back to London.

6. Belgium’s train services are really confusing.

7. 9% beer is much more delicious than you’d think.

8. You should queue up early for the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, it’s worth it.

9. Waiters in Bruges are confused when you’d rather go to museums than pretend you’re in a fairy tale.

10. Children’s toy shops can be the same shop as a sex shop and remain a viable business.

11. When drunk on a canal tour, check your photos for thumb before taking a hundred.

12. No matter where you go in the world, it’s the English that will be waking everybody up drunkenly attempting football chants at 6AM while you’re trying to sleep. No wonder all those countries didn’t want to be run by us!


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