Right, I’m feeling pretty crappy at the moment so I might fail to make the same number of terrible jokes you would expect from a post on this blog, but hang in there, because I’m going to try my best to make at least one lame pun during the course of this post. There, now we have an understanding.

Given that it’s a common superstition that deaths always come in threes, I’d like to see where people find the connection between the recent deaths of an entertainer, the first man on the moon and the leader of a large, brainwashing cult.

Do those seem like disparate personalities for you? They probably should.

Granted, there might be other people we don’t know about/that aren’t famous enough to be mentioned on national television, that were of an ilk, but then you get the problem of the fact that deaths don’t come in threes, but in thousands around the world.

Perhaps the connection is completely arbitrary and it happens to be three people that you’ve heard of, unless more or less die than three, in which case you forget that event ever happened until three people you’ve heard of die at a relatively similar time again.

Still trying to work out how to get a lame pun into this but I’m getting there.

Also, if anyone tries to compare Neil Armstrong to the other two they’re sort of insulting one of the greatest achievements in mankind’s history… just a little bit. We’re all human yes, but the leader of the ‘moonies’ dying within a week of the first man to land on the… oh.

Okay, I see where you’re getting confused, that’s called a coincidence, although it could be seen as a pretty startling one if you believe that destiny’s mooning you by killing a great man and arguably a bad man.

Lame enough for you?


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