Bad Candidate

I’m a little scared about the Romney campaign.

I know I don’t live in the USA, but it’s a really influential country, and despite any good points the idea of the ‘most powerful man in the world’ actively discouraging tackling one of the most important challenges to the planet is really… well, I suppose for lack of a better term it’s really discouraging.

I can’t quite fathom how someone intelligent enough to make it into such a high ranking position can still be so ignorant when it comes to the future fate of the planet and the sustainability of our resources. I’m sorry Romney, but we need to tackle climate change as much as we can, ignoring it and pretending that it doesn’t exist is only going to ensure that the changes come as projected, and when they do, I vote we throw you into the rising sea levels so you can see what you refused to prevent.

Hopefully you won’t be elected and I’ll be less worrisome about this, although I do worry about it from time to time anyway, and hopefully if you do get in you’ll change your mind and use the time you may or may not have to actually try and stop the planet from being threatened.

Because you know, if the job of a world leader is to do anything, it’s to keep their part of the world intact.

The fact that you refuse to do that is what scares me.



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