Stand Up

For those of you who follow all of my various writing ventures (none of you) you might be aware that I attempted to raise my banner on Wednesday in regards to speaking up about the issues that matter to you. It might seem easier for me because I have a relatively well-read platform through which to engage my binary megaphone but please, I just want to continue this plea over here for a moment, because silence on something that truly matters to you is the easiest way of letting those detracting from your cause think that they’re stronger. Every new voice is strength to a cause, no matter how you do it, and leaders of those causes, especially when they may be feeling defeated or let down, need to be shown the degree to which people truly care.

It’s all well and good being on someone’s side, but when you’re pitted against a loud minority, the silent majority can seem awfully small. Many people staying passionately quiet is dwarfed every time by just a few assholes pretending that their word is law.

This isn’t a recruitment call, this is a plea to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what it might be, because voices need to be heard, causes and ideals need to be represented, and shown to be the size that they truly are. The world is amass with people who care but are too cautious abut how little they believe they can change things to make an attempt to do so. Those people, if they would dare to stand up, could do mountains more in a year than they would in a lifetime of lying back and watching the sociopolitical battles unfolding.

To paraphrase Doctor Who there isn’t a person on earth that doesn’t have the potential to be important.


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