Consider Death

It looks like after the Tony Nicklinson case the government might actually take a look at those ‘right to die’ issues again. In the least, the UK’s newly appointed health minister had said that it’s ridiculous that people have to go abroad to be able to kill themselves, which is true. She also said she wasn’t for euthanasia however, which is confusing. Are we not talking about the same issue here? Isn’t a natural ally of the right to end one’s life a way for people to be able to seek assistance to end their life humanely?

Perhaps I misunderstood, there’s usually someone who thinks I have with any post I do in any case. I really hope that I have, and that euthanasia will be recognized as something humane. I really hope that one day people will see putting people out of their misery as a good deed rather than equivalent to murder.

Although I suppose the real difference between this case and euthanasia in general is that people who go to places like Dignitas sometimes are able to make a noose, cut their throat etc.

But a lot of people don’t want to die that way, they want it to be as painless and peaceful as possible.

Is that not understandable?

Shouldn’t this be allowed too?

I’ve heard people say that this could lead to people murdering under the guise of euthanasia but really, that argument at least is as fallacious as they come. Just because something is not allowed doesn’t mean that the worst possible consequence of that idea is likely to unfold.

Ugh, maybe I’m crazy, but I think that the fact that this is illegal is stupid as all hell.


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