Winter’s First Snow

Snow falls upon the trees, green needles decorated with an almost festive icing, the season making itself known in both the bitter cold and the bare claws that the other forests would bare.

The white powder fell onto her nose and melted in an instant, it’s sharp bite travelling in a drop of ice cold water. She sighed, just as she had kicked one white powder from her life another had fallen to take its place. She supposed it was fitting but her latent superstition suggested it was something more.

Her boots crunched the snow and litter beneath her feet as she found what she was looking for, her hands red and burning with the cold she scraped at winter’s first snow with them nevertheless, until she found dirt, solid and tough, a far stronger ground than it had been when she had left it.

Her nails were brown with dirt by the time she had clawed far down enough to retrieve what she had left. She knocked the bottom of her hole and the hole spoke back to her, metal on fist. She grabbed the handle she knew was there and yanked at it until the metal box freed itself, throwing her backwards and bruising her hip.

Wincing from the pain, she opened the box, raised her eyebrows and smiled.


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