No Such Thing As Discussion On The Internet

Okay, can somebody tell me what it is that makes comments on sites like Reddit and Youtube turn into flame wars within the first few seconds? Places where people gather on the internet, especially places like Reddit that are designed purely for discussion, should surely be places for civil discussions where points are taken, criticisms are considered, rebuttals don’t consist of insulting or dismissing a significant proportion of the population and people actually learn from each other?

Could somebody point me to a place on the internet where this actually happens, because I’m rapidly losing faith in my hope that I’m going to find such a website in my lifetime.

I’ve met a fair number of people and most of them aren’t arseholes.

So why is it that whenever you look for a feedback section on the internet the discussion board usually smells very strongly of the stuff?

Could it be that, like I was talking about a couple of days ago, the only people with the passion to comment are the people that have a bone to pick with the discussion at hand, and are therefore more likely to be at an extreme end of the spectrum of opinions?

If so, I would encourage everyone to try and make a mark where you can, to try and add a voice of sanity to the spreading insanity that seems to happen when social media, anonymity and debate are mixed in a big cooking pot and thrown at people between the ages of 8 and 85.

Perhaps we should get some toddlers to join in, at least then we’d get some variance in responses rather than two extremes running headfirst into each other like the first scene in Lord Of The Rings.


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