How Not To Do Feedback

I would like to ask you whether you think that you can really critique a piece when you haven’t read the whole thing, and also whether this justifies insulting. It’s not the best way to win an argument, and when you put it this way it’s hard not to reply, so I did. Here’s a comment I received today and beneath it, my reply.

angry person on the internet:’Well,
I find you amazingly long winded, and quite angry.
Also very closed minded.
I doubt you have ever really played around much with the power of thought.
Perhaps Spirit Science doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that hollywood can offer. Or million dollar grants to high profile universities to study.
What it does offer, or at least to me was a form to say.. Hey I found something, can you check this out? Can you practice some of my ideas and see what you find.
He’s just finding theories and expressing them in formats that are quick and easily digestible, and much like Buddha is saying — hey go check them out see what you can find.
He’s asking you have you heard of chakras? Did you know about frequencies and vibration?
Have you noticed how your thoughts can influence your day, and perhaps the moods and days around others?
Have you practiced breathing? Understand meditation? Tired meditation?
He’s not asking you for money, or to join any particular organization, he’s asking you to try. And all your doing is judging the format and the matter in which the content is being delivered.
He saying opening up your mind, let go of a style of living, thinking and doing. Or what you think you know.
And play with some thing new
NOT ONCE does he say that he knows everything, he is simply saying what he is and his friends are finding and doing. Do you think it’s interesting? He does.
I didn’t even bother reading much of you blog, you seem self righteous and arrogant. And I lost interest by the time i hit the 3 paragraph.
I fully admit there are lots of questionable ideas and he leaves him self why open to be closed off.
I think the point is, he is sharing, and he wants to see if what he finds is real to you.
AS for your germ what ever example, if you did any peer reviewed research the power of positive thought is the MOST powerful aid in relieving any medical disorder. MAYBE not curing it. BUT THE most powerful aid, in some test the placebo pill actually works better than the cure.
I frankly don’t care what anyone does as long as it spreads understanding that we are all connected – humans to humans, ecosystems to biospheres, bugs to animals.
And the more we think positively, do exercises that de-stress and and bring harmony to the earth and one another.. how does it hurt. WHAT power does your blog really offer anyone?
At least he is trying to inspire people with new ideas, and ways to help themselves with out charging a penny.
AND creating a form, for other link minded people to share and gather and develop something more than what is right now.

I challenge you to actually spend some time,
practicing some of the ideas he has out there.
Playing with rocks, sounds, studying chakras, play with vibrations.. GOOGLE MORE, listen, ask honest question with out a pig head, but and open heart. AND talk less.
Than After a while see if you have something actually value able to say.
HE and his group are simply sharing what they understand and experience.

AND Everything my life experience has shown me is no matter how you slice it, your attitude makes up 90% of your reality.
So why don’t your harp less, play more and discover the world around you.

me: ‘Okay, well I thank you for starting out your critique with a barrage of insults, it’s really made me think about how wrong I was. How could chakras not exist when I’m pig headed and arrogant?

Actually I’ve done a lot of googling on the subject and that’s largely what caused me to stop believing in chakras.

When you ask yourself what do we know about frequencies and vibrations, well, we actually know quite a bit about them, that’s how we can use radio, satellites, solar powered devices, walkie talkies etc. but none of this translates into spirit science, which presents unfounded claims as if they are as valid as the aforementioned technologies above.

I would disagree that I’m closed minded as well actually, I’ve actually looked through most of this stuff, considered all that I found and believed some of it before I actually came to a conclusion based on what seemed like the best answer. I’m sorry that spirit science didn’t hold up to my criteria for truth, but if that makes me pig headed go ahead and call me Babe.

Thank you for your input,

love and light,


How did I do?


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