Pointless To The Max

Let me throw some word dribblings in your face.

Actually I’ll get on that once I’ve worked out how to pick up dribble and how to get it off of my hand in one motion, perhaps a dribble expert reads this blog and can let me know how that works, although given I just spent fifty words talking about dribble the chances of an expert on anything reading this blog have probably just taken a significant drop.

Either way, watch out for that, it may be messy. You’ll want to keep a towel with you just in case.

I’m not sure whether I’m actually going to get to some sort of point at this rate, although I suppose spittle’s as good a point as any, I’ve done blogs about far stupider things, and I suppose that’s what the Sunday Hangover posts were for, but given that it’s not a Sunday calling it one of those wouldn’t be very fitting.

Anyway, ignore me and watch this video.


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