Pull Harder

As it begins to hit home harder and harder I begin to think about how strongly we get attached to people, sometimes without even realizing how strongly, and how we don’t expect our heartstrings to be tugged when something as simple as a little separation pulls them harder than we thought they could stomach. Some may be scared that when they stretch that far they’re only inches away from snapping and leaving you with a bloody mess inside of your chest, some stay confident that theirs are strong enough to hold together even under as intense forces as distance or even treachery. I’d like to think that I’m the latter, but like most of the world I simply don’t know how much the tugging’s going to hurt, because I haven’t been pulled at before, and that ignorance somehow makes it hurt even more.

Then what do we do when there’s silence at the other end? What do we do when we lift the tin to our ear but hear nothing, only to find that the other end has been left hanging on a branch and the footsteps leaving it fade into nothing as the trail dissipates? Do we wait in hope that the friend at the other end returns or do we leave the tin ourselves and return home, waiting on a call that in all likelihood may not come again?

We may have a ship sailing and a destination we’re heading for but without an anchor will we ever truly be able to settle, or will we sail around blindly, unable to wait through the storm, far from home and without journey’s end in sight? We can look to the horizon but if all we can see is water and stars we’re always going to feel out of our depth.


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