In my quest to get myself onto my bike before rush hour, here it is, the blog that won’t require research that I’m doing today! If you want to hear me try to interpret last year’s lectures in a way that’s both goofy and informative head down to teen skepchick later where I’ll be struggling to make my history of vertebrates series get to an actual spinal cord before it reaches its halfway point, and although I’ve only done one so far you don’t really have much to catch up with, I was basically talking about abiogenesis.

Why wordpress thinks I’m going to need to use the word ‘parthenogenesis’ and not ‘abiogenesis’ is beyond me but I suppose there’s probably someone, somewhere doing a blog about asexual reproduction.

But really the history of life and similar stories are a big part of what makes me excited about science. Perhaps I’m less of an enthusiast and more of a sniffling nerd but I’ll take either, besides the sniffles part, I don’t want that to be a hallmark of my presence.

For all those who don’t know actually, you might be interested to know that ourselves (the vertebrates) and starfish all develop arseholes where most animals develop mouths, just to let you know where you stand. You could make a ‘talking our of your ass’ joke here but that’s just too easy, perhaps I’ll save it for another day and wait for the stream of awkward silence as I wait for one person to guiltily smirk at the remark.

I do get a little shocked sometimes at how physically repulsed I am by some invertebrates. I don’t know what it is about locusts and their ilk that makes my skin crawl but I suspect that there was never a point in our evolutionary past where we had to look at those harbingers of famine and go ‘awwwwwwwww’.

One day perhaps, I’ll be able to look at their wiggling mouthparts and appreciate them as much as I appreciate bears, lampreys and mice.



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