Late Nights, Late Mornings

I want to know what it is about the human body that means that when we don’t have scheduled work to do we go to bed ridiculously late and wake up ridiculously early. I don’t particularly like getting up in the afternoon, but I do like getting sleep, and when my body decides I should roll around at night thinking about stuff for several hours I do feel I have a duty to make up for that by missing the period of time that most people call the morning. In summertime it feels more like night, and I’d like to vote to rename it that until university starts again and I’m forced to get up at the time I want to be up again.

If I sound like I’m in two minds about this it’s probably because I am, although there’s not enough space in my skull for two brains so those two minds are probably both pretty stupid.

My suspicions go back to something I was talking about a few days ago, in regards to wanting to get more stuff done during the day. Perhaps we try to fit more activities in, knowing that we don’t have to limit ourselves to not feel like a wreck in the morning? We could probably solve all this by moving to a different planet where the days are longer, that way we’ll get longer days for fitting things in and longer nights to catch up on all the sleep we’ve been neglecting.

I doubt this solution is plausible but I’d like to think that in a couple of generations it will be. Personally if we don’t at least have a moonbase and a past mars landing by the time I die I’ll be very disappointed. Or at least I would be disappointed if I wasn’t, you know, dead and all.


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