What A Banker

I have a new respect for people who work in banks.

I went into one today (as you might have guessed from the first sentence of this post) and some people are huge dicks to anyone behind the counter. The employees counter a barrage of insults and sneers with a smile and a ‘have a nice day’. I propose that each of these employees should be offered their own personal punching bag in a back room for them to take out their hatred of humanity onto. I’m pretty sure I’d need it if our shoes were switched.

There seems to be a certain subset of people who are just plain rude to anyone who doesn’t give them exactly what they want immediately, but I wonder if these people’s intolerance has been driven at all by the recent financial crisis and the infamy of bankers that developed as a result of this, as if they think that someone working nine to five behind a pane of glass in your local natwest is earning bonuses of millions of pounds or more.

Could it be that even the smallest Joe in the bank has become a scapegoat for the greed of a subset of the rich?

I hope not, but I have reason to believe there are at least a few people who project their frustration, whether it be with home life, job dissatisfaction or even just lack of muffins in the cupboard, onto anyone their aggravated brains can find any convoluted type of justification for attaching blame to.

Hopefully none of you are any of these people, although (and I’m not going to pretend this doesn’t apply to me), if any of you were this sort of person you probably wouldn’t know it.

Feel free to throw the hypocrite card if you think it fits, but I’d like to think I’m nice to strangers most of the time, at least I try to be.


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