Increasing Levels Of Importance

At risk of needing to take out another overdraft in the time he’s waited for his student loan to come through, waking up at midday despite needing to be up at the crack of dawn on Thursday, amateur writer with a capital A, he hasn’t had a gig in over a year, he weighs the same as five regular men, some say that when he sits on you your life flashes through your eyes, it’s Eddy, everyone’s least favorite blogger.

As much as I’d like to put a more tag after that and make it look to the glancing reader that that’s the end of my post, I fear it wouldn’t get me many views and would be more likely to make people think this blog is now purely a place for me to make fun of myself. While that’s always on the table, there are much more important things going on in the world than the deflation of my ego.

For example, Myspace (remember that stinking corner of the internet?), eternally refusing to accept its death, is currently being dragged out of its grave by Justin Timberlake of all people, in a move that people are universally calling stupid. I hope.

More important than even Justin Timberlake’s career as an entrepreneur however, are a bunch of floods that are trying in vain to turn parts of the UK into some sort of brown, depressing Venice. May I ask, without inciting hatred from a certain subset of the population that I won’t call by name, why the environment has suddenly become the last thing on parliament’s mind? It’s pretty hard to ignore rising water when it’s clawing its way into your constituency, so why are we more focused on ruining our education system rather than trying to work out a way to do our part in minimising the effect we’re having on an environment that, while it might not exist in Jeremy Clarkson’s mind, is starting to fight back?

I would sigh, but you can’t really write it on the internet without making it look like the word’s some sort of defeatist cheerleader.


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