Year 2: Electric Boogaloo

Alright, this is the latest I’ve posted on here since I went on an after-university bender and got back at eleven AM with only an hour of consciousness left in me. Thankfully I’m not in that state today, I’m just giving myself a day to lie down and read assorted blogs. I’m not busy every day, although that might change come tomorrow.

Yes, come tomorrow I’ll have my lab coat strapped across my back and I’ll have to wear black glasses from being blinded with science.

It’s poetry in motion.

As if I wasn’t nervous enough about joining a group of people who have already had a year to get to know each other, there’s a new building we’re going to have to get acquainted with. The ‘superlab’, as trent calls it, may sound more like it belongs in the fortress of solitude than anywhere on a university campus, but let me assure you it is all too real, although last year, when it was under construction there was only a large tower complete, one that soon became affectionately known as the ‘superchimney’.

I hope that’s what they settled for in the end. If they haven’t named it they’re missing a trick.

I suppose if I’m going to be doing work that’s going to contribute to my final grade this year I should be nervous, but I still wish I had a button that just turned off my paranoia for a moment, it tends to get in the way a lot, especially when it comes to furthering my progress in just about anything.


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