Time To Go

Alright, I might get lynched for posting this early but I wanted to get something down before I went off into the big wide world of hoping there’s no-one at the bus stop encouraging no buses to pick me up. Seriously, that happened before, for like an hour and a half, for three days, that’s why I started getting my bike in. Seeing as I’m going to be getting a bus ticket today anyway I might as well chance it, if not it’s a quick cycle in for me, that’ll be fun and not stressful at all.

Today’s supposed to be a welcome back session, but seeing as I was in the foundation class last year surely the back in that statement is redundant? I propose changing mine to just welcome.

Or, I suppose, I could just tip-ex it out myself.

Given the fact that I don’t have any that could be a problem.

Anyway, now I can start working out how things fit into place in my timetable and the like so that I can actually organize how to fit certain things in around it. Hopefully by this week I won’t be so broke that I won’t actually be able to do any of those in.

That was a rather pitiful hopefully, and I apologize.

I’ll just say it again and you can imagine me grinning wildly to it. To the point of creepiness if that helps you get the image of me moping out of your head.



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