Milk Invaders

Well, youtube’s running slower than a tortoise tied to an anvil today so it looks like I’ll be blogging with my breakfast. I hope you don’t mind but my portions are pretty large, I’ll pay you back for the coco pops if there’s none left and I’m still here.

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but really, do you want to give coco the monkey an even bigger ego than he already has? He’d already rather have a bowl of coco pops. Has he even tasted crunchy nut clusters? If anything can induce poo-flinging craziness in a monkey, it’s that stuff. Not that I’m suggesting that was how he made the milk chocolatey, although to be honest, he’s an animation, for all I know he could shit chocolate.

Get on it kelloggs, make that canon.

Tony the tiger always insisted that frosties were great, and while I accept that they’re an order of magnitude tastier than corn flakes, they still turn into the same soggy mess once you put milk on them. I used to just eat them dry, like sweet crisps, although I have been known to eat frosted shreddies in milk, because they keep hunger locked up ’til lunch, obviously.


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