You may have heard that ‘reparative therapy’ is now being banned in California, you may know it more colloquially as ‘praying the gay away’. You probably know that it’s based in completely unscientific ideals and has been shown to only increase depression in teens that see its existence as society flipping the bird at the orientation they were born with.

As rare as it’s hopefully becoming to think of homosexuality as a ‘lifestyle choice’, I find it quite baffling that this was even considered in the first place. Sure, you can embrace it on varying levels, but any straight person knows that their sexuality wasn’t a choice.

I didn’t wake up one day after dreaming all night about cock, thinking, ‘hmmmm, maybe I’ll try fancying women today’. I’m hetrosexual because that’s how my brain’s been written, and this works the other way around as well.

I suppose you could argue that it’s a ‘lifestyle choice’ whether you act on your desires or not, but it’s incredibly difficult not to. People want sexual partners and we are driven to seek them out. At some point, the primal desire to mate outweighs the stigma of society trying to make you some sort of closeted eunuch.

Hopefully this is another step towards global acceptance of homosexuals, although we may have a problem in the theocracies of Asia and Africa. Perhaps when they see that the rest of the world is shaking their head and saying ‘look how wrong these nations are’, they’ll stop, but then again, the US hasn’t really paid much attention to that in terms of creationism.


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