Not The Flu

I’ve been struck down by the mystical entity that people vaguely call ‘fresher’s flu’, so I’m sitting at home coughing and trying to un-bung up my face when I should be going down to the gym and trying to work off the beers I had last week. That’s okay though, because I don’t have many duties I need to attend to right now, but I’d like to get some productive work done, so I’ll start here, I hope you don’t mind me sharpening my blade on this blog.

As a term to describe a large number of illnesses spread between a large number of people I find it odd that flu is the word used. If big gatherings of students were all getting influenza they probably wouldn’t be able to go to all those club nights they insist on not taking a break from, even for a day. They’d probably be in bed, moaning, and trying to sleep through the days until their lectures start.

I suppose ‘various diseases spread between lots of people’ just isn’t as catchy a term, but if you’re going to go with a disease name to describe a host of them flu’s just not a good model to use, you should go for something more vague, or at least something that gives you symptoms common to a lot of illnesses.

It’s an inconvenience more than anything really, but I suppose it’s best to get the illness-fest out of the way before the coursework starts and you can’t really afford to sit there in bed wishing that your guilty conscience wasn’t pushing to make you go to ‘tablet training’.


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