Questioning The Demographic

Okay, I don’t have to be in university for another… well, just under two hours, but that works, we can get some quality time in here. I’ll move the cushion and I’ll make you a cup of something.

So it looks like Simon Singh might be getting sued again. Let’s hope not, he’s one of the most reliable bastions of reason in the UK and his last court kerfuffle with the British Chiropractic Association took up a lot of time and money. I don’t know if it’s official yet, but the magazine in question is quoted as saying that Singh’s tweets were ‘libel’, which, as a leading campaigner for libel reform, Singh knows all about.

But what is this magazine that Singh claims was promoting advice that could potentially harm its readers?

‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ – aimed at women between the ages of 35 and 55.

Of course it is.

I know that demographics are a major part of publication, but I fail to see how this stereotype has caught on so strongly. It seems like any publication based out of the realms of science and presented as non-fiction is aimed at women. Am I the only one that this baffles? Women aren’t this supernatural creature that uses magic instead of science, they’re humans too. In the same vein, men aren’t incapable of believing that doctors are evil big pharma drones either. It saddens me to have to say this, but we’re all human, and when people act like we’re a world dominated by two big, competing species that somehow coexist through opposing means I wonder how many people haven’t gotten used to this fact by now.

This should be as simple as how men and women can both have long hair. I remember when a load of year sevens started at my secondary school, I was called a ‘man beast’ by a couple of them, who assumed that I was a really manly woman. It was hilarious.

I’m starting to think that the publishers of some of these magazines are just as narrow minded.


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